Friday, July 31, 2009

After every party I die (SDCC aftermath)

Everday, I die a little bit more...

Hello all.

I'm transmitting to you from my bed, hooked up to liquid feeding tubes and infernal beeping machines, currently fighting off what J is calling the Nerd Flu. I don't know about the force, but all this midichlorian infection gave me was a headache, the ability to drip everywhere and a strong will to vomit while standing! Something I never understood - with all the spandex that you attendees wrap yourself in, how is it that you're all still so germ-y?

Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. I had originally planned to do a day by day report with pictures and diagrams and detailed descriptions of everything that I saw and who I met... that didn't happen. So here's some touching moments brought to you in an 80's style montage...

... except we taped over the video with a compelling movie of the inside of my pants pocket, so you will have to use your imagination. OH FUCK NO!


- If the response we got from Sullengrey: Sacrifice pre-sale is any indication of the success we'll have when these books hit shelves in September, then our dreams of finally eating something other then the $5 pizza deal at Little Caesars will become a reality. (I'm not complaining, J can do amazing things with Crazy Bread). To the percentage of you that bought copies, we want to hear what you thought. Also, shout it to the noise boards... don't horde it to yourself. Show and tell. Your friends - they like that.

A special round of applause for Ms. Drew, who survived her first comic con.

- Rode the elevator with Hayden Panettiere. What an actress! Even in the elevator she plays the part of a brain dead valley girl cheerleader perfectly. And what about Tyrese Gibbons who showed he's the most brilliant marketing genius in the galaxy by covering a restaraunt's windows in front of his table with copies of his comic... OR he may just like privacy while he's devouring the souls of his victims.

- Saw the Mighty Boosh liveshow. They spun good music. I danced. Horrible things happened. Let us not speak anymore of it.

- Introduced my newest project with SLG and Dan Vado, WINCHESTER (*more on this later). Fans responded by gathering around a large campfire in front of the booth, telling stories of how THEY visited the Winchester Mystery House. Security was not happy.

- And it wouldn't have been Comic Con if J and I hadn't met some truly awesome and properly bathed people. Special thanks to Amy and Lea who kept me entertained. And to
Lizzy and Skellentine - who made us cupcakes and forced us to stick our hands in puppet anuses. To all of you who stopped by and either bought something, shared your fondness of our work, or just wanted to inform us that you bought the most wickedly cool C3PO jump drive... thank you so very much.

- Lastly, it was always great to see (some for the first time) all our talented friends. You are the reason we come to this show. Thank you Slave Labor Graphics and Ape Entertainment for allowing us to peddle at your booths.

That about sums it up. Now I'm going to go fuck off and die somewhere.

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