Thursday, December 15, 2011

ELDRITCH! #4 Ruins Christmas for ALL!

ELDRITCH! #4: “The Dream-Quest of Ted Newbarn”

Theodore “Ted” Newbarn is a real “Regular Joe.” He likes fast cars, chocolate cake, Huey Lewis AND The News. He also has a torso filled with angry black tentacles and an unkillable demon for a baby. And as soon as he figures all that out… man, oh man, things are gonna BURN.

RING IN A TERRIBLE NEW YEAR with a fresh serving of ELDRITCH!

Digital Download | 24 Pages | Available NOW.

The dreadful holidays are upon us once again, devoted followers, and with it the fourth installment of ELDRITCH! lands on to your computer with quite a clatter. So spring from you bed, trim the tree, roast some chestnuts, hang The Stockings by the chimney with care, settle down and let some noodle toothed babies dance in your head.

Have a VERY Scary Solstice everyone!

*If anyone comes around asking about The Stockings, I didn't see nuthin'.

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