Friday, February 22, 2013

Emerald City ComicCon 2013 Approaches

Next week I'll be shambling down the rabbit hole that is Seattle, devouring ALL the donuts, slurping the coffees and sampling the "world's best Mac & Cheese" along the way to the Emerald City Comic Con. You can find my decaying husk sharing table space with the creator with the heart-shaped skull, Aaron Alexovich! A table, referred to by Elder beings across the galaxy as E-01, that will be covered with various books such as copies of our rapidly dwindling from this dimension ELDRITCH! hardcover. Other past works and witty conversation (provided you are not a mute) will also be available.

Want a chance to get that spookified something to hang on your wall? Sketch rates are as follows:
$40 for 1 character 9x12 inked.
$20 for 1 headshot 9x12 inked

Spots are limited, so see me early if you want to get on the list for scribblings.

Here is a map in case you get lost. Just follow  my disembodied head.

This will be my first time at this show. Please be gentle with me.


Friday, September 14, 2012

ELDRITCH! ... and beyond

As many of you already know, what with your brain continuously pulsating through your ears and BOTH your eyes squirming back into you skull, the first volume of ELDRITCH! has been completed. We've been overjoyed with the amount of sacrifices you pinkish things gave Eldritch! this year. THANK YOUS to everyone who stuck by us, the pain you suffered is greatly appreciated. For the curious - we are working on creating a print version through SLG Publishing. Something real nice that you can put next to your copy of the Necronomicon. More on that later.

As for what horrors await me now, here's a hint...

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go sharpen my pumpkin carving tools.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The place: San Diego Comic Con 2012

In a little less then a week, San Diego will once again become home to a bloated, sweaty mass of wonderful people, their appendages stretched far and wide to absorb as much pop culture as their veins can handle before they burst. Truly it's a test of the fragility and vulnerability of one's sanity.

Gunna be a fun time!

I'll be sitting at the SLG Booth (1815) next to Aaron Alexovich Friday and Saturday from 11:30 - 4. Come see us and we will cure your paralyzing madness by reading from the book of Eldritch! as well as having these nifty "Bad Baby" t-shirts for sale, depicting the sic visage of Skyler shaking his bone rattle to the pounding of your heart.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

ELDRITCH! #4 Ruins Christmas for ALL!

ELDRITCH! #4: “The Dream-Quest of Ted Newbarn”

Theodore “Ted” Newbarn is a real “Regular Joe.” He likes fast cars, chocolate cake, Huey Lewis AND The News. He also has a torso filled with angry black tentacles and an unkillable demon for a baby. And as soon as he figures all that out… man, oh man, things are gonna BURN.

RING IN A TERRIBLE NEW YEAR with a fresh serving of ELDRITCH!

Digital Download | 24 Pages | Available NOW.

The dreadful holidays are upon us once again, devoted followers, and with it the fourth installment of ELDRITCH! lands on to your computer with quite a clatter. So spring from you bed, trim the tree, roast some chestnuts, hang The Stockings by the chimney with care, settle down and let some noodle toothed babies dance in your head.

Have a VERY Scary Solstice everyone!

*If anyone comes around asking about The Stockings, I didn't see nuthin'.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


At least that's what I HOPE you're saying as you stand in front of me this weekend.

Saturday, Nov. 5th - Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival : I'll be sitting along side Serenity Rose creator/ Eldritch! writer Aaron Alexovich, appearing at the SLG booth. The festivities start at 10 and end at 3. I hope to see Elvis at some point.

Sunday, Nov. 6th - Bat's Day Holiday Black Market at the Doubletree Guest Suite in Anaheim : Aaron and I got our own table for what has been described to me as the one stop shopping spot for the strange and unusual. All fancy and covered in stacks of books, t-shirts, and prints for you to buy. Even those limited PRINT edition Eldritch! "sketch covers" you've heard about.

If you are in the area please stop by - and show us your FACES!

Monday, October 31, 2011

The ' ween is upon us.

Under cover of night, we dug up some decor for our front porch. Spooky skulls, sticks, eeerie green light and pumpkins. Glorious, grimacing, grinning PUMPKINS!

And don't forget kiddies, treat yourself to some Lovecraftian horror. The first 3 issues of ELDRTCH! are available NOW for 99 cents each.

Happy Hauntings!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Some days you just want a wee pumpkin to follow you home.