Friday, July 31, 2009

After every party I die (SDCC aftermath)

Everday, I die a little bit more...

Hello all.

I'm transmitting to you from my bed, hooked up to liquid feeding tubes and infernal beeping machines, currently fighting off what J is calling the Nerd Flu. I don't know about the force, but all this midichlorian infection gave me was a headache, the ability to drip everywhere and a strong will to vomit while standing! Something I never understood - with all the spandex that you attendees wrap yourself in, how is it that you're all still so germ-y?

Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. I had originally planned to do a day by day report with pictures and diagrams and detailed descriptions of everything that I saw and who I met... that didn't happen. So here's some touching moments brought to you in an 80's style montage...

... except we taped over the video with a compelling movie of the inside of my pants pocket, so you will have to use your imagination. OH FUCK NO!


- If the response we got from Sullengrey: Sacrifice pre-sale is any indication of the success we'll have when these books hit shelves in September, then our dreams of finally eating something other then the $5 pizza deal at Little Caesars will become a reality. (I'm not complaining, J can do amazing things with Crazy Bread). To the percentage of you that bought copies, we want to hear what you thought. Also, shout it to the noise boards... don't horde it to yourself. Show and tell. Your friends - they like that.

A special round of applause for Ms. Drew, who survived her first comic con.

- Rode the elevator with Hayden Panettiere. What an actress! Even in the elevator she plays the part of a brain dead valley girl cheerleader perfectly. And what about Tyrese Gibbons who showed he's the most brilliant marketing genius in the galaxy by covering a restaraunt's windows in front of his table with copies of his comic... OR he may just like privacy while he's devouring the souls of his victims.

- Saw the Mighty Boosh liveshow. They spun good music. I danced. Horrible things happened. Let us not speak anymore of it.

- Introduced my newest project with SLG and Dan Vado, WINCHESTER (*more on this later). Fans responded by gathering around a large campfire in front of the booth, telling stories of how THEY visited the Winchester Mystery House. Security was not happy.

- And it wouldn't have been Comic Con if J and I hadn't met some truly awesome and properly bathed people. Special thanks to Amy and Lea who kept me entertained. And to
Lizzy and Skellentine - who made us cupcakes and forced us to stick our hands in puppet anuses. To all of you who stopped by and either bought something, shared your fondness of our work, or just wanted to inform us that you bought the most wickedly cool C3PO jump drive... thank you so very much.

- Lastly, it was always great to see (some for the first time) all our talented friends. You are the reason we come to this show. Thank you Slave Labor Graphics and Ape Entertainment for allowing us to peddle at your booths.

That about sums it up. Now I'm going to go fuck off and die somewhere.

Monday, July 20, 2009


The massive event of epic proportions has invaded our world once again, like a big slippery alien creature made of secreted geekery digestive juices or a group of Jehovah's witnesses in stormtrooper outfits!

Jocelyn, myself, and Drew will be in the thick of it. You'll find us at the Ape Entertainment booth #2203 at the following times

Thursday 1pm-4pm
Friday 3pm-5pm and 6pm-7pm
Saturday 10am -1pm, and 3pm-4pm
Sunday 11am - 1pm

I'll also be at the SLG structure (#1815) previewing my newest life altering endeavor, WINCHESTER during the following times:

Thursday 530pm - 7pm
Friday 1pm -230pm
Saturday 2pm - 330pm
Sunday 2pm - 330pm

And will be have the new SULLENGREY: SACRIFICE series to sell as well as TWO NEW PRINTS? FUCK YEAH WE WILL!!

bring money.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Strange and stranger...

Here's a peek at some more Sullengrey: Sacrifice art from the first issue.

And the strange part... Previews nominated us as a
Staff pick! I promise there was no bribery involved.

Thanks to all of who are into what we've been showing thus far. We still need you to help spread the infection!
You alone can help keep our little mind abortion alive. Not with army issue chemicals, but with your support! Post it on blogs. Twitter it. If you dig what you've seen, why not share it with all those internet fiends you have?

Cupcakes and zombies -


Thursday, July 2, 2009

A 32 page taster...

They let us out of the asylum, under medicated, and we've been at the vodka.

Here, for your enjoyment (cause that's all we're here for), I present to you the first half of the 64 page SULLENGREY: SACRIFICE #1. If you like what you see, go pre-order from your local comic retailer using the code JUL09 0664.

Pass it on. Your word of mouth could save millions of kittens.

And please, think of the kittens.

(click to make bigger)

Written by Jocelyn Gajeway
Art by Drew Rausch
Colors by Chandra Free
Cover by Drew Rausch and Drew Berry

UPDATE: Page #33 is now an order form that you can print out from the digital reader and take into your local Comic Shop to order issues 1 and 2. Try it. Your printer will love eet!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Previews ad
Ah Wednesday. New comic day. Well for you lot anyway (I'll be strapped to this desk inking).

I guess I could throw up some half-arsed press release with a scan of Previews (the catalog that most comic retailers use to order books, silly), but that would just be dreadfully boring! So, in the interest of breaking promotional monotony, I bring to you...



The production of the second miniseries is finished. That means no late books. No delay. Issue 1 will be in stores at the end of September (30th) with the second issue coming just one month later.


...and we bring you an undead fiend of a different color. We take the genre a step further and explore not only the fear that comes from being responsible for starting a zombie outbreak, but the dread of waking each day in a town that despises your existence. Did I mention that the fear comes with tentacles and a hunger for human flesh?


We weren't sure how we were going to top the "self-inflicted caesarian section" or "nail-biting" scenes from Sullengrey: Cemetery Things, but I, along with digital painters Chandra Free and Drew Berry, really turned the gore volume knob to 11. There are scenes in this book that will you keep you up at night, will hopefully keep people talking, and may possibly have us committed (again). Keep the lights on - this one's pretty spooky.


Jocelyn has crafted the perfect mix of Haitian Voodou lore, the hollywood zombie, and lovecraftian drama, creating a story so uniquely complex and intelligent that you'll need to read and re-read it just to pick up all the tidbits she's left around.

and finally...


Let's call a spade a spade, shall we? The trick with the smaller press books is if you don't ask for it, you'll most likely won't get it when it does come out since many retailers often won't order any for their shelves unless they know there is some demand. I could go on at length about this, but honestly, if you want the book, please, just go to your local shop and order it. If you don't have a local shop, there are some fine webstores that sell comics as well.

The cruel reality is that you probably won't see Issue #1 on a shelf unless YOU SCREAM AT YOUR RETAILER THAT YOU MUST HAVE IT! They, seeing your need to scream and their desperate need for you to stop, will order it for you using the order code: JUL090664

So there you have it, 5 reasons to order your copy of Sullengrey: Sacrifice from Ape Entertainment. What? You don't know where your local comic retailer is?

Visit or call 1-888-comic-book.