Monday, August 24, 2009



Here's a sneaky peek at the cover to Sullengrey:Sacrifice #2. Should be hitting stores in late October. Questions will be answered!

Preorder it by using this.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


winchester #1 cover

"The creative team behind SLG’s Haunted Mansion comic book turn their attentions to another spooky old house as they tell the story behind one of the Winchester Mansion and it’s owner and designer the enigmatic Sarah Winchester. A pair of curious adventurers go missing after trying to sneak onto the grounds and set things in motion which will reveal the mystery surrounding the old Winchester House. Legend has it that the house was haunted by the ghosts of all the people killed with Winchester rifles, and the only way to appease them was for the house to be continuously under construction."

The details of how all this happened are still fuzzy.

I remember looking up at SLG publisher Dan Vado sitting on his legendary thrown of aborted goblin fetuses. His devious smile peeling back as his voice rasped one single word - "Winchester."

That was a year ago.

I can talk about it now. I'm still a bit shaken from the experience, but that's what the vodka and cupcakes are for. They calm me. Enough so to show you what you, the reader, will be treated when you purchase a copy from your local comic provider in October.

Let's let some of the skeletons out of the closet, shall we? Here's a peek at some of the characters in the book...

Alberto Moran - the caretaker.

Rachel - the detective

Adam Coons - the psychic adviser to Mrs. Winchester

Bessie and the naked aborted screaming flesh sacks - one of the many haunts

... and Harry Houdini! It was rumored that Houdini debunked a "haunting" as a fraud when he was alive. Now he himself is a ghost in the mansion.

Here's a brief David Lynch-esque trailer that the SLG minions made...

Winchester #1 trailer from SLG Publishing on Vimeo.

Click for ordering info.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The time to take action is now.

First off - Jocelyn and I would like to personally thank those of you that have already put preordered your copy of Sullengrey:Sacrifice #1 from your local comic retailer. You guys are now as much a part of the process as Jocelyn, myself, Drew, Chandra and the Ape staff who put this thing together are.

But of course it wouldn't be a process if there wasn't a challenge. With less then a week for stores to put in their product orders for the month left, we were hit with a hurdle. Our preorder numbers are falling short of Diamond Distributors minimum. What does this mean? Well - if a book falls short of the standard number that the distributor has set, then said distributor has the right to refuse sending stores a supply of books. Basically, stores won't have copies to put on their shelves. If you wanted SG and you go to the store and don't see it, this is why.

It's an awful thing that small press publishers struggle with. It happens.

But in light of that charming news, we now have to ask you - the fans, of not just SG but of all those who are looking for a good story - help us.

We want to make this easy, so we've put together a little order form. All you need to do is print it out (it's small), fill it out and take it to a comic shop. That's it.

Don't have a comic store to frequent? It's ok. Just call one. You can find a list of stores here (this goes for those who live outside the US as well) Most stores will take your order over the phone and mail it to you. Just give the info on the form.

So there you go. A last ditch effort. We're not looking for millions of dollars in success. Just a chance to show you what we can do.

We promise not to disappoint.