Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Strike for Science!

"It is NOT our duty, NOT our privilege, NOT even our destiny... but our RIGHT... Our Right to tear up traditions... our RIGHT to destroy what has never worked... our RIGHT to design our own plan of attack, to strike at the cancerous heart of our parent's failed society...

- Anya Sobczek

The above quote is from ELDRITCH! #2, written EXPERTLY by Aaron Alexovich for a flashback scene where the main character Anya is giving a valedictorian speech at her graduation.

As I'm typing this blog, I have goosebumps. If you don't too, then I'm afraid you are not human and must be eliminated.

This particular quote resonates with me on so many levels. Mostly because of it's relevance right this second, and for that matter the past few months. As you may or may not have known, the comic book industry is in a state of flux, reeking ever so slightly of desperation, attempting to stay relevant in these forward thinking times. We have character deaths, change in race, rebirthings, restartings and entire universe rebootings. It is trying to accomplish a seriously daunting task. Changing while still remaining the same.

As Christopher Walken once uttered "That's not growth, that's a mild swelling."

I understand many of you don't have iPads, or fancy phones, and are resistant to the thought of reading comics on your computer. But I tell you now friends, this is how it is. This is the future. This IS change. And you either adapt and accept it or don't and run the risk of not having it anymore. You can no longer have both. It's all or nothing. Today's digital comic may never GET to be tomorrow's trade paperback. I'm not saying that print is dead, or that paper products are becoming more extinct as the falling meteor of a failing economy comes crashing down. But in the current state of things, the reality is that it is getting harder and harder for publishers to put forth the money to bring you these few precious minutes of disposable entertainment.

Eldritch! is more then just a digital Lovecraftian comic about a sibling battle over science versus superstition. More then tentacles, gelatinous gobs of black goo, more then debunking magic tricks.

Eldritch! is a battle cry!

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