Friday, July 6, 2012

The place: San Diego Comic Con 2012

In a little less then a week, San Diego will once again become home to a bloated, sweaty mass of wonderful people, their appendages stretched far and wide to absorb as much pop culture as their veins can handle before they burst. Truly it's a test of the fragility and vulnerability of one's sanity.

Gunna be a fun time!

I'll be sitting at the SLG Booth (1815) next to Aaron Alexovich Friday and Saturday from 11:30 - 4. Come see us and we will cure your paralyzing madness by reading from the book of Eldritch! as well as having these nifty "Bad Baby" t-shirts for sale, depicting the sic visage of Skyler shaking his bone rattle to the pounding of your heart.